Night Lion Can Help Monitor For Data Leaks And Exposures Of Data From Leaky Servers And Databases.

More than just monitoring data dumps and leaked credentials, Data Viper also monitors public NoSQL databases and buckets for sign of information pertaining to your company or brand. Learn how our watchlist can integrate directly with your SOC for realtime alerting.

The Benefits of Data Viper

Data Leak Detection

Track threat actor communications across hundreds of forums, private chat channels and paste site to understand their current and historical movements.

Fraud and Abuse Investigation

Prevent insider threat attacks by monitoring forums and private channels where criminals collaborate and plan their attacks.

Data Breach Discovery

Understand the exposure of your 3rd party organizations, or M&A targets, and how that can directly impact your organization.

Data Viper Credited with Discovering Massive Public Exposure Leak of Billions of User Accounts Across the Globe

Read about the People Data Labs Leak in Wired to learn how people were affected and how Data Viper was able to help.

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Search Across Thousands of Open Databases.

Data Viper now has the power to allow you to search and alert across thousands of open Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and NoSQL databases. There are nearly one hundred thousand public databases accessible by anyone, often containing leaked or stolen data!

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