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Download CJIS v5 Security Controls in XLS and CSV

Criminal Justice Information Services Security Controls

Law enforcement needs timely and secure access to services that provide data wherever and whenever for stopping and reducing crime. The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, or CJIS, developed a security policy that contains information security requirements, guidelines, and agreements reflecting the will of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies for protecting the sources, transmission, storage, and generation of Criminal Justice Information (CJI).

What is CJIS used for?

The essential premise of the CJIS Security Policy is to provide appropriate controls to protect the full lifecycle of CJI, whether at rest or in transit. The CJIS Security Policy provides guidance for the creation, viewing, modification, transmission, dissemination, storage, and destruction of CJI. This Policy applies to every individual—contractor, private entity, noncriminal justice agency representative, or member of a criminal justice entity—with access to, or who operate in support of, criminal justice services and information.

Download the CJIS controls in a flat XLS / CSV format

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