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Guide to Installing Metasploit 4 and Armitage on Mac OSX Lion

After many hours of trial and error, I have been able to put together a guide to getting Metasploit 4 and Armitage working properly on Mac OSX. I would also like to give a tremendous amount of credit to BrianCanFixIT @ Faulty Logic. His blog post on setting up Armitage helped me through the missing piece of getting the PostgreSQL database up and running properly.


  1. Install XCode (I am running v4.2)

PostgreSQL Installation

  1. Download and Install PostgreSQL via the free GUI installer.
  2. Setup your root PostgreSQL password during installation.
  3. Launch the newly installed PGAdmin III application.
  4. Connect (double click) on the local PostgreSQL database and enter your root password when prompted.
  5. Under the PostgreSQL drop down, right click on “Login Roles”, and select “New Login Role”
  6. Set the role name to msfuser.
  7. Click on the definition tab, and set the password as msfpassword.
  8. Click OK to continue.
  9. Next, right click on the databases list, and select “New Database”.
  10. Set the name to metasploitdb, and set the owner to msfuser.
  11. Press OK, and we’re done. You can close PGAdmin.


  1. Download and install MacPorts from http://www.macports.org/install.php
  2. Good Tip: add “/opt/local” to your spotlight privacy settings to avoid excessive compile times & unnecessary indexing by spotlight.
    (System Preferences->Spotlight->Privacy->”+”)
  3. Quit terminal & relaunch to accept new path settings added by MacPorts

Install Ruby, RubyGems (PostgreSQL and MsgPack)

Metasploit 4 Installation

Configure the Metasploit Database

Running Metasploit and Armitage


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