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Passing the G2700 ISO 27001/27002 certification: What Materials you will need for the Exam.

The G2700 exam crams a lot of different security based information into one exam. Even though it’s an open book exam, if you don’t already know the information, or don’t have a fast way to find it, you won’t pass the exam.

This will be a two part article. The first, being a set of links and guides to gather the information necessary to pass the G2700 ISO 27001 certification exam. The second, will be how to create a printed index of your collected material, so you can quickly find the information you need during the exam.

After a bit of research, I was able to compile a set of material to material to bring to the exam. Here’s what you need to look for.

  • ISO27k SOA Sample
  • ISO 27001 Standard
  • ISO 27001 Controls
  • ISO 27001 Implementation Guide
  • Policies Guidelines Standards and Procedures
  • Principles of Information Security
  • Detailed info on the PDCA method
  • Smart Policy Objectives
  • IT Governance – Chapter 5
  • IT Security Handbook – Chapter 41
  • How to Achieve ISO 27001 – Chapter 4
  • ISMS Steps with ISO Controls
  • ISMS Implementation guide
  • 12 principles of Risk Management
  • Risk Treatment Plans
  • Access Control
  • IPSec Overview
  • Writing an Information Security Policy
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Security using ISO 27001
  • Risk Management Framework Steps
  • Security Risk Analysis and Management
  • ISO 27001 – ISMS Requirements
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 Information Security Definitions
  • Risk Management – ISO 27005
  • ISO 27001 implementation checklist
  • ISO27002 code of practice
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Security using ISO 27001
  • ISO Responsibilities
  • BCM – BS 25999
  • Organization of information security
  • Fundamentals of Information Systems Security
  • Four key benefits of ISO 27001 implementation
  • Information Security Policy Development Guide for Large and Small Companies
  • Tackling ISO 27001 – A Project to build an ISMS
  • The Sans G2700 practice exam (copy and paste from your practice tests)
  • uCertify study guide and exam questions


Here are some great resources to start out with:

ISO 27001 Security

ISO 27001 Information Security Standard in Plain English

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