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Cyber Security Tip: Update your Software and Operating System


Keeping your software up-to-date is a critically important function. How long would you let your car go without changing the oil? Software that is not kept updated (patched) runs a high risk of creating exploitable weak-points in your security.

Update on a regular basis

You need to update your operating system and software on a regular basis. Why? Patching your system and programs is key to preventing attackers from infiltrating your computer. Unpatched programs can become an entry point for an attacker.

Not keeping your software up to date is the same as leaving your keys in door.

That may be an over-simplification, but un-patched software is the single greatest advantage used by hackers and malware. Patching (or updating) your software and operating system will help remove any security bugs, and go a long way to keeping you secure.

Updates serve a number of different functions including:

  • Fixing security holes
  • Add newer and more secure features
  • Remove old and unprotected features
  • Increase software efficiency and performance.

Stop ignoring your update notices.

So how do you update? This is usually incredibly simple. For Windows users, use the windows update feature. You can even set it to automatically apply updates for you. For Mac users, you will be automatically notified when there are new updates. The same goes with most software programs. Whenever there is a new version of Flash player, Adobe Acrobat, or Java, you will always be notified.


That’s really it. Taking a few minutes everyone and a while will go a long way in helping to keep you secure.

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