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Website Support: Fix Google “This site may harm your computer” message


Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer

Website malware and badware infections are a major problem in website IT security. When Google detects that your website is infected with malware, it will label your site as “malicious”, and display a warning whenever someone tries to visit your site.

Why is my website malicious? What does that mean?

When your website is flagged as being “malicious”, it usually means that rogue code has been inserted which will redirect a visitor to another malicious website. This new site is responsible for the actual distribution of the malware code which will infect your customer’s machines. The software which is silently installed on the victim’s computer exploits vulnerabilities in software running on the user’s computer (like Java, Flash, PDF viewers, browser plugins, etc.). This method is called a “drive-by download”, and is a major problem in website security.

How to remove this error from your website

Restoring your website to normal operation is a three step process:

  1. Find and remove all traces of the rogue code from your website
  2. Find and close the hole used to inject the code into your website so it does not happen again
  3. Notify google to re-scan your website and confirm that the code has been removed

Most of the time, the rogue code will be hidden in Javascript (.js) or PHP files, and will appear to be base64 encoded. Most of the time you should be able to recognize it instantly, as the code will not be readable.

Night Lion Security can help with virus, malware, and badware removal

If you are unable to remove the malware yourself, Night Lion Security can isolate the malware, remove it, and restore your website to normal operation. Contact our 24/7 emergency support hotline at 866-883-6267.

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