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5 Privacy Tips to Avoid Being Stalked on Social Media

Stalking is a very real problem, and social media has made it easy for anyone to become a victim. Stalkers come in all forms. Some can just follow you on online, but others could use the information they find online and through social media to find you in the real world.

Here are some tips you should use so you do not need to worry about someone stalking you through social media.

Tip #1: Make your Profiles Private

The best way to stop stalkers from having access to you on social media is to go through the privacy settings and make sure everything is private. Your settings should be set so that only friends are able to see what you post, and only friends will be able to post to you. All of the social media outlets have pages for privacy settings.

AdjustYourPrivacy.com provides easy to follow guides to make your information private on most social networking sites.

Tip #2: Do Not Tag in Photos

When someone “tags” you in a photo, it can show up to stalkers who might have access to the person’s page who tagged you. This opens up a privacy gap and it could allow them to download the photo, as well as find out more information about you. To block this, change your privacy settings to require you to authorize a tag or comment before it appears on your (or anyone else’s) page.

Tip #3: Vary Your Username

Some people choose to use the same username online for all of their social media profiles, thinking it will be easier for their friends to find them and know who they are. While that might be true, it also makes it easier for stalkers to find them. Add some variety to your username.

Tip #4: Only Friend People You Know

Do not have an open door policy for adding new friends to your social network. If a person is friending you, make sure you actually know who they are. If you want to be a socialite and have thousands of friends, start a fan page instead.

Tip #5: Cut Them Off & Report Them

I’ve had to help friends get rid of stalkers a few times, and part of the problem is that they keep opening new accounts. This can be a pain to deal with, and the only thing you can do is make sure to keep blocking and reporting them.

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