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  • Errors made by internal staff, especially system administrators, were the prime actors in over 60% of surveyed incidents in 2014

    Errors include sensitive information reaching incorrect recipients, publishing nonpublic data to public web servers, and insecure disposal of personal and medical data.
    Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
  • In 60% of cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization with minutes

    75% of attacks spread from Victim 0 to Victim 1 within one day (24 hours). Over 40% hit the second organization in less than an hour.
    2015 Data Breach Investigations Report Verizon
  • Phishing was associated with over 95% of incidents attributed to state-sponsored actors.

    One of the most effective ways you can minimize the phishing threat is through awareness and training.
  • Ten vulnerabilities account for almost 97% of all exploits observed in 2014

    99.9% of exploited systems were compromised more than a year after the vulnerability was published.
    2015 Data Breach Investigations Report Verizon

How We Protect Your Network and Critical Infrastructure

Security & Compliance Audit

Identifies and examines network vulnerabilities for both internal and external (Internet facing) systems to determine whether they can be exploited by an attacker to compromise systems or gain access to sensitive information.

Risk Assessment

Our risk and vulnerability assessment is designed to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attacks. Our assessment will provide actionable guidance to address known issues and improve the overall security of your network.

Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing will simulate an attack from a hacker’s perspective, allowing us to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attacks.

How Secure is your Company Network?

You should never trust the security of your firm with just one opinion. NightLion Security will provide un-biased expertise to help you secure and protect your critical systems.

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