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We provide website security consulting, vulnerability and penetration testing web applications, including e-commerce and WordPress.

How Secure is your Website?

A Penetration Test will determine how easy it is for an outside hacker to breach your site and steal your confidential data.

How We Can Protect Web Applications and E-Commerce Systems

Web Application Assessment

We perform a manual assessment of your web application, testing for SQL injections and OWASP vulnerabilities, as well as check folders, debug code, leftover source code and resource files to find sensitive information which hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your application.

WordPress Security

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system, powering almost 18% of the entire Web. We will test your WordPress for vulnerabilities and help harden your configuration to ward off future attacks.

Code Analysis

Our experts will analyze the data and content of information presented over the web to find sensitive information which hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your application.


E-Commerce systems are major targets for attackers. Whether your site is running Magento, WP-Commerce or a fully customized solution, PCI compliance requires regular scanning and testing of your application.

Web Server Hardening

Your web servers hold critical data. Making sure those servers are secure is just as important as securing the applications which live on those servers. In addition to testing for vulnerabilities, we will provide guidance on improving the security configuration of your web servers.


PCI DSS, HIPAA and other compliance regulations mandate organizations to provide their customers with a high level of security over the web. Our assessment services will help you prepare for audits and remediate code to achieve compliance.

  • Most affected industries for Web App attacks: Information, Financial Services, and Public

    Over 95% of sampled incidents involve harvesting creds from customer devices, then logging into web applications with them.
    2015 Data Breach Investigations Report Verizon

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